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Eaton to Acquire Souriau-Sunbank for $920M

Eaton to Acquire Souriau-Sunbank for $920M 1

Key takeaways regarding the 22 July 2019 M&A announcement about Eaton to acquire Souriau-Sunbank Connection Technologies, a business unit of TransDigm Group.

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When to use Divestitures to Create Value?

When to use Divestitures to create value | a piece of the puzzle | Coventry League Blogentary

When is a business or product line more valuable now to another party than it will be to your organization in the future? Coventry League highlights when to use divestitures to create value as well as the trend in deal volume of divestitures and tax implications of a sale.

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Merger Arbitrage Secured: NASCAR to Acquire Racetrack

NASCAR Acquires International Speedway

Last year Coventry League wrote about NASCAR in a blogentary titled “Fun With Merger Arbitrage (Or, Is NASCAR For Sale?).” We can now provide an update.

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SCM + AI = Logility + Halo

​​For those interested in supply chain management (SCM) software, artificial intelligence (AI), software as a Service (SaaS), and M&A, then you might find the acquisition of Halo Business Intelligence by …

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