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RIP Good Sir David Dorn. Your Life Mattered.

Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn about Bolshevism in Russia and modern day media. Coventry League Blogentary.

One must defend the Tree of Liberty. Patriot David Dorn, the 77-year-old retired police captain who was brutally murdered, protected the Tree for our community.

Want A Great Summer Reading List?

"In a good book the best is between the lines." –Swedish Proverb. Quote to Coventry League's post, "Want a Great Summer Reading List" shared on its Blogentary from spring 2017.

Our great summer reading list includes 50 books suggested by Inc. Magazine, two from Coventry League, and a long list by a CEO of a beverage distribution company.

Gordon Tullock on Safety Regulations, Corruption, and Bio-Economics

Gordon Tullock on Safety Regulations, Corruption, and Bio-Economics 1

Is “Tits and Their Food Supply in English Pine Woods: A Problem in Applied Ornithology” on your reading list? If so, then you might like Coventry League’s summary of “The Joyful Contrarianism of Gordon Tullock” that is in the October issue of Reason Magazine (Free Minds and Free Markets). It’s about Safety Regulations, Corruption, and Bio-Economics.

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