Below is a map with an estimate of regional growth rates in the U.S. You may find a hover-and-click image by referencing the article titled Americas Next Decade at the Forbes’ website.

Who doesn’t want to strive to be a bit more sustainable nowadays?  Some of the most respectable companies that have growth and profitability as goals also factor in externalities (costs on society) and the quality …

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Source: ZeroHedge.com Update – Aug. 02, 2013: Read more about the source data and commentary at the ZeroHedge blog post titled “Ten Times More Waiter And Bartender Than Manufacturing Jobs Added In 2013.”

Codd-neck Bottles In the days of yore, a team member worked in corporate finance at a company that recycled scrap metal from vehicles, appliances, and whatnot. The end products created, such as rebar and structural …

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