Structured Finance In Wonderland

The Cheshire Cat by John Tenniel, 1866 Having worked in structured finance in the caverns of Wall Street, it is known that the structured finance market of CDOs and related securities can be explained and understood in a straightforward manner.  The complexity is mostly associated with the detailed mechanics of modeling and assessing risk to …

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Many people viewed some of the games of the 2010 World Cup, including the championship in which Spain defeated the Netherlands 1-0. And, just as many people who were not at the stadium wondered what was generating the continual humming, bumble-bee sound. Well, it was the vuvuzela horn, and fans took liberty to explore the …

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Health Care: Graphics Reveal Many Ills

Given health care reform has been a major topic among citizens and elected representatives over the past year, it seems appropriate to post a few links to thought provoking graphics and articles.  There are several countries for leaders to benchmark regarding implementing or reforming a health care plan. Below is a scatter-plot presented by the …

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