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Be Wary Of Economists Wielding Short Samples

Correlation by xkcd, a webcomic Oh, the age-old correlation-implies-causation argument. Please reference the blog titled “How to Spot Advocacy Science: John Taylor Edition” posted yesterday by Freakonomics.  It depicts charts prepared by Stanford professor John Taylor and acknowledged by Harvard professor Greg Mankiw (who also linked to the charts without a word about their veracity…until …

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Ohio Brings Passion To Politics

Stark County, Ohio …Or, the perils of combining a venti bold Starbucks coffee and Prozac medication before delivering a public speech. Hat tip Obsidian Wings blog.

Health Care: Graphics Reveal Many Ills

Given health care reform has been a major topic among citizens and elected representatives over the past year, it seems appropriate to post a few links to thought provoking graphics and articles.  There are several countries for leaders to benchmark regarding implementing or reforming a health care plan. Below is a scatter-plot presented by the …

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