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Core Offerings

As an investment and merchant banking boutique, we focus on scalable advisory and services for our clients. Doing so enables us to create more value at a given price point and better leverage the experiences and network of our seasoned professionals, since they are integrally involved on transactions and projects.

Services 1

M&A | Buy-side

For clients with targets identified as well as full spectrum origination and execution services.

Services 2

M&A | Sell-side

Advisory services related to selling a portfolio company, division, or stand alone company.

Services 3

Strategic Finance

Includes debt/equity, EBITDA monitoring/improving, outsourced corporate development, and Board member/advisor services.


We are a craftsman-like and, by definition, low volume shop. We take pride in this. This translates to more focused attention on any given client by our seasoned professionals.

In contrast, most firms — including many boutiques — pursue robust volume. We know this because we’ve been there as execution bankers at global investment banks such as Société Générale and Goldman Sachs as well as smaller regional/boutique advisory firms.

We recognize that the business models of the latter depend on less seasoned staff to execute the projects since their seasoned professionals need to continually focus on sales and marketing. It’s not wrong, just different.

At Coventry League, we operate a lean, streamlined investment banking and advisory process. Doing so results in our focusing on the most essential and substantial aspects of proposals, marketing pitches, and research material. We’ve learned to focus on substance and keep things simple and effective.

Procure a Top-Tier Contract CFO or Investment Banking Kiosk and Compete Like A Champion. Coventry League's Blogentary included are questions to ask yourself and to assess strategic finance talent.
M&A and Strategic Advisory

M&A Buy-side

  • Develop, evaluate, and execute a targeted proprietary acquisition process.
  • Act as primary contact to third-party professionals such as sell-side bankers, debt/equity providers, accountants, consultants, and attorneys.
  • Provide analytical modeling, valuation, due diligence, and negotiations for clients that already have acquisition prospects in mind.
  • Offer post-acquisition support or leadership.

M&A Sell-side

  • Manage process on an exclusive basis, start to finish. See video about M&A process here.
  • Sales of closely-held businesses.
  • Divestitures by public and privately-held companies.
  • Portfolio company sales by holding companies and family offices.
  • Sales and going-private of public companies.
  • Structured and staged ownership transitions, including Buy-Sell agreements, employee stock ownership plans (ESOP), and management buyouts (MBO)

Strategic finance

  • Similar to buy-side M&A except greater customization and more leverage of client resources
  • Member and non-member advisory roles focused on profitable growth, value enhancements, and strategic initiatives
  • Debt & equity capital optimization, restructuring, refinancing, recapitalization, and advisory
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Tailored services generally on a mostly remote-office basis
  • Value enhancement initiatives and risk management
  • Capital structure improvements
  • Counsel regarding key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Cash flow/EBITDA optimization, analysis, forecasts, and advisory1 Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.
  • Investor and lender relationships and liaison