2019 Big Data & AI Landscape

2019 Big Data & AI Landscape Coventry League Blogentary

2019 Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Landscape by Matt Turck and Lisa Xu of FirstMark. Includes commentary and a spreadsheet.

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Fraying Grid: Predictable Outcome Manifests

Fraying Electrical Grid | Coventry League | Blogentary

Power outages, bankruptcies, corruption, greed, and government-sponsored monopolies. Coventry League highlights problems and solutions related to the Fraying Grid, which is also the title of Gretchen Bakke’s 2016 book.

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Go Big Data, Or Go Home!

Go Big Data, Or Go Home! 1

Here is an infographic about the 2018 Landscape of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence by Matt Turck. A spreadsheet is available, too.

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