Want Advice from the Best Hedge Fund Manager?

Want Advice from the Best Hedge Fund Manager? 1

Stanley Druckenmiller achieved phenomenal results during his three decades leading his Pittsburgh-based hedge fund, Duquesne Capital Management. Read about, and listen to, him explain his performance in Bear markets.

Fraying Grid: Predictable Outcome Manifests

Fraying Electrical Grid | Coventry League | Blogentary

Power outages, bankruptcies, corruption, greed, and government-sponsored monopolies. Coventry League highlights problems and solutions related to the Fraying Grid, which is also the title of Gretchen Bakke’s 2016 book.

Music Monday: Wolfsuka Band Edition

Wolfsuka Music

Creativity and Small Enterprises: Books, Music, and Marketing. Wolfsuka demonstrates creative and viral marketing using music and animated book summaries.

Tesla: Lawsuit Secured

Given the many independent researchers on Seeking Alpha and other finance platforms concerning Tesla (“TSLA”) and the ongoing saga that has played out in the public eye, the SEC was …

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