Towards A Theory Of Sustainability

Towards a Theory of Sustainability. and Triple Bottom Line philosophy. Mahatma Gandhi: "Be the change you want to see in the world." Coventry League Blogentary.

CoventryLeague highlights how sustainability is also good for business with references to Patagonia, W. L. Gore, bicycling, and composting. An infographic and interview is included.

Want A Great Summer Reading List?

"In a good book the best is between the lines." –Swedish Proverb. Quote to Coventry League's post, "Want a Great Summer Reading List" shared on its Blogentary from spring 2017.

Our great summer reading list includes 50 books suggested by Inc. Magazine, two from Coventry League, and a long list by a CEO of a beverage distribution company.

3 Options for Windows 7 End of Life Support

Options for Windows 7 End of Life Support

Three Options for Windows 7 End of Life Support, which is January 14, 2020. There are two paths: Windows or Linux. Instructions are provided.

2019 Big Data & AI Landscape

2019 Big Data & AI Landscape Coventry League small

2019 Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Landscape by Matt Turck and Lisa Xu of FirstMark. Includes commentary and a spreadsheet.

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