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When to use Divestitures to Create Value?

When to use Divestitures to create value | a piece of the puzzle | Coventry League Blogentary
When is a business or product line more valuable now to another party than it will be to your organization in the future? Coventry League highlights when to use divestitures to create value as well as the trend in deal volume of divestitures and tax implications of a sale.

Un-Taxing Times, Approximately

www.DieBrokeBlog.com The federal estate tax, also dubbed the “death tax” by some, will be repealed for 2010, at least as of this writing.  This means that wealth transferred upon death, regardless of amount, will incur zero federal taxes.  Or, expressed…

Offsetting LLC Losses

Top U.S. Federal marginal income tax rates. Given the challenging economic climate, more businesses are incurring accounting losses.  A concern for some owners is whether they are permitted to offset losses with other sources of income.  With regard to a…