Want A Great Summer Reading List?

Our great summer reading list includes 50 books suggested by Inc. Magazine, two from Coventry League, and a long list by a CEO of a beverage distribution company.
"In a good book the best is between the lines." –Swedish Proverb. Quote to Coventry League's post, "Want a Great Summer Reading List" shared on its Blogentary from spring 2017.

A business contact1Rebecca is an M&A and corporate development professionalshared this Inc. Magazine article that includes 50 books recommended by this year’s TED speakers. Even though we have a section related to books on our blogentary, we decided to add our two cents to the list for even more summer reading options:

Summer Reading Options

  • And, if you want a more detailed summer reading list that is arranged in a tidy spreadsheet, then check out this list compiled by Dodds Hayden, CEO of Hayden Beverage Company, a distributor based in Boise, Idaho.

Closing Words

In closing, we’ll leave you with this appropriate little coffee mug. Cheers.

A "Read More Books" coffee mug. It's an image for Coventry League's Blogentary titled, "Want a Great Summer Reading List" from 2017.
Read More Books!

Note: We published the original version of this post on 2017-05-22.

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