Music Monday: Wolfsuka Edition

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​Here is a good tune by a new band named Wolfsuka. The song is off of its album titled “Poison to the Artists” released last year under the label Wolf Ready, LLC. 
The band also has a YouTube channel related to book summaries, animated and otherwise. For instance, have you read “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow” by Yuval Noah Harari? We haven’t, but Wolfsuka provides a concise little summary. 

​Wolfsuka is also good with grassroots and viral marketing. For example, it includes snippets of this song at the end of some of Joe Rogan’s podcasts and videos.

The lyrics (intro):

It’s funny, ’cause you’re in my thoughts
No no, back up back up –
You’re not in my thoughts at all
‘Cause you’re a hiccup

And I kinda like my wish to win you
But I can’t act like I’m failing you
And I kind of like the comets up above
And I kind of like the comets up above

‘Cause you know, deep inside
I study lots of minds…

Do you want to know the chords? Here are comments by Wolfsuka:

“On guitar it’s F C Dm. Later in the song it’s played with the F C Dm-Dsus4-Dm variant, (just throw in the high G on the Dm chord and go back to the Dm). On piano notice the C is C6, but we never play the guitar version that way!”


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