Beer Snobbery For Holiday Festivities

Neptune et les pirates

Neptune et les pirates

Since we shared an infographic about the non-alcoholic carbonated beverages industry this summer, it seems reasonable to share a graphic regarding the adult beverage of choice.  [Much obliged to CaféTerra.]    

For those near Cleveland we recommend the seasonal Christmas Ale from Great Lakes Brewing Company.  And, for those living in the Mid-Altantic, we can recommend the small-batch specials from Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales based in Milton, Delaware.

And, if the infographic doesn’t have enough information to help you reveal your inner nerd, then included below are links that address the psychological aspects of imbibing too much (it’s not necessarily the alcohol talking) and the history of alcoholic beverages:

  McGovern, Patrick E. Uncorking the Past: the Quest for Wine, Beer, and Other Alcoholic Beverages. Berkeley: University of California, 2009. Print.  Find at Powell’s Books.

●  Carey, Benedict. “When People Drink Themselves Silly, and Why.The New York Times. 8 Mar. 2008. Web.

3 thoughts on “Beer Snobbery For Holiday Festivities”

  1. Indeed, the Thirsty Dog’s Christmas Ale is gaining momentum in the NE Ohio area. Also, for those who have time and creativity, they can brew their own beer at the BottleHouse, a 2012 start-up brewery:

    1. Little late (just stumbled upon this). I recommend Thirsty Dog’s (Akron, OH) 12 Dogs of Christmas Ale over GLBC’s. It is made with GLBC’s original recipe (with nutmeg), has more alcohol (8.3% vs. 7.5%), costs less, and is more available (GLBC notoriously under supplies its Christmas brew).
      Clarifications on the article: For the beer types, “American IPA” should be “IPA,” and “IPA” should be “Blonde Ale.”

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