Building Business, Building Bikes, And Creating Opportunities


I’ve talked previously about Gearin’ Up Bicycles, an early-stage nonprofit in which I’m a board member. It’s a phenomenal organization that combines a passion for bicycling and sustainable transportation with a desire to help those in need at the grassroots level: in this case, underserved and at-risk youth in Washington D.C. (scalable to other cities).  

Gearin’ Up is gaining traction and support by generous individuals and organizations including Silicon Valley stalwart via its philanthropic arm, Salesforce Foundation, and nonprofits such as Bikes for the World.

As a GenXer, I’ve been inspired and motivated by the founders: Millennials, social entrepreneurs, and athletes (bicycling, running, swimming) including our energetic leader (yes, she bicycled across the country) and chief bicycling officer (aka executive director/CEO), Katie Lupo.

So, if our mission resonates with you or your organization, then please message me, Katie, or Gearin’ Up Bicycles ([email protected]) directly to discuss how you can get involved (volunteer/outreach, board/committee member, donor).  You can also follow Gearin’ Up on Facebook.

And, if our mission about advocating a healthy sustainable lifestyle via bicycling and helping underserved and at-risk youth doesn’t align with your values – then contact us anyway and we can provide guidance on how you, too, can make a difference as a social entrepreneur (spoiler alert, to quote Nike: Just Do It! ).


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