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Towards A Theory Of Sustainability

Towards a Theory of Sustainability. and Triple Bottom Line philosophy. Mahatma Gandhi: "Be the change you want to see in the world." Coventry League Blogentary.

CoventryLeague highlights how sustainability is also good for business with references to Patagonia, W. L. Gore, bicycling, and composting. An infographic and interview is included.

Building Business, Building Bikes, And Creating Opportunities

I’ve talked previously about Gearin’ Up Bicycles, an early-stage nonprofit in which I’m a board member. It’s a phenomenal organization that combines a passion for bicycling and sustainable transportation with a desire to help those in need at the grassroots level: in this case, underserved and at-risk youth in Washington D.C. (scalable to other cities). …

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Bicycles Are Outselling New Cars

Rush Hour in Copenhagen, Denmark Coventry League embraces bicycling as a healthy, sustainable form of transportation, so reading about bicycles’ outselling new cars in practically every European country is encouraging.  Small Business Labs wrote a blog today referencing the article at NPR titled In Almost Every European Country, Bikes Are Outselling New Cars. Small Business …

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