Fertilizer Prices to the Moon in the International Community!

A satirical piece (like that of The Babylon Bee) illustrating US ammonia fertilizer prices after the International Community sanctioned Russia.

This is what winning looks like, people!

Ammonia Fertilizer Prices

Chart: US Tampa Ammonia (for fertilizer) spot price, 2022-03-25, by Doomberg.substack.com
US Tampa Ammonia (for fertilizer) spot prices

We – members of the International Community – are sticking it to those Ruskies!1 See “Notes” section at the bottom of this blog post for links to sources concerning the fertilizer spot prices chart.

Green New Deal

Who needs fertilizer anyway?

When we all Go Green – as soon as this summer, perhaps – in accordance with US Representative Sandy Cortez’s Green New Deal, our horses (which will be used to pull one- and two-horse-power buggies) will generate all the fertilizer we need for our gardens and homesteads.

Sadly, though, we (again, members of the International Community) may still need to accumulate some Rubles before winter so we may purchase natural gas and oil at the margin to heat our homes until we get properly installed wood- and coal-burning stoves and generators.

International Community

Map of International Community that also sanctioned Russia
Map of the International Community

The countries in yellow represent the International Community – the EU, US, Canada, UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel. The beloved leaders and politicians of this same group also sanctioned Russia and its people. And, we are experiencing immediate results – almost like a boomerang effect!

Oh, by the way, disregard the countries in grey that include places such as China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Venezuela, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Syria, Serbia, Libya, much of the continent of Africa, Russia (of course), and many other places.

They have been, or will be, sanctioned to oblivion by the International Community for the sake of democracy and survival of the current global reserve fiat currency.

Ron Paul’s Wisdom

Ron Paul image meme: US fiat currency (loss of purchasing power), debt, war, and media.
Ron Paul’s wisdom | fiat currency, debt, and war

Maybe former congressman Ron Paul was correct all along.

Oy vey!

Closing Words

Now you. Are you accumulating Rubles in order to purchase affordable natural gas and oil?

Also, have you asked your respective state’s politicians to get a physical gold- and/or silver-backed currency established, pronto? Trust the other six states – as proverbial canaries in a coal mine – that have already done so.

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For a direct link to the fertilizer spot prices chart, reference patriots.win and somewhere on Doomberg.

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