Need To Find A Lawyer? There’s An App For That

We wrote about a free legal service offered by the Silicon Valley law firm, Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati, which offers a DIY Venture Funding Term Sheet.

Here is another service offered by Legal Services Link, a startup based in Chicago. Its online platform is conceptually similar to other marketplace and crowdfunding services, except it addresses legal services.

Essentially, the company “connects those needing legal services with lawyers willing to render them,” writes Elizabeth Olson in a recent New York Times article.

A few takeaways and observations:

  • Requests for lawyer aid to state bar associations are difficult to manage sufficiently
  • Increased demand for lawyers regarding closing sale of house, fighting child custody, and pursuing redress for an injury
  • Mis-matching of supply and demand
  • Price discovery of services (hourly, fixed/flat, contingent)
  • A simple, three step process:
    1. Summarize: Anonymously post your legal needs quickly and for free.
    2. Receive Emails: Lawyers interested in helping you contact you via email.
    3. Review and Select: Review the emails and select the best lawyer for you.

Also, here’s a brief YouTube video from its website that highlights the service:

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