Do We Really Need More Cowbell?

Remember the Saturday Night Live sketch with actor Christopher Walken portraying a music producer who prods a rock band to use more Cowbell?  Quite comical.   Now, replace Cowbell with Education, and we get a sense of the laments of many…

Stop The Presses

Blogging News | Decline of Print Newspapers | Coventry League Blogentary
For those interested in strategy, adapting to a changing environment, consumer behavioral trends, and, well, outright mismanagement, then analyzing the newspaper and print media industry provides a real-world, in-progress case study.

Offsetting LLC Losses

Top U.S. Federal marginal income tax rates. Given the challenging economic climate, more businesses are incurring accounting losses.  A concern for some owners is whether they are permitted to offset losses with other sources of income.  With regard to a…