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Caterpillar’s Dealer Retail Sales

Below is a chart by Zero Hedge and Caterpillar (CAT)’s filings depicting CAT’s monthly dealer retail sales by region globally since 2010.  The good news is market analysts didn’t suggest the downturn in global sales was a result of bad weather.  

The Starbucks Latte Index

Starbucks Latte Index | 2013 | Purchasing Power Parity | Currencies

Yankees, Retired #8 As Yogi Berra once quipped, “a nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.”  Below is a chart from the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News depicting the purchasing power of a dollar using a Starbucks Latte. It’s probably easier to find the source link from a related post by ZeroHedge titled The Starbucks …

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Truckin’ – Got My Chips Cashed In

Truckin’ – got my chips cashed inKeep truckin – like the doodah manTogether – more or less in lineJust keep truckin on— Grateful Dead, Truckin’ There are many indices to use to gauge economic activity and Coventry League tends to gravitate to proprietary and idiosyncratic ones.  However, we incorporate established indices as well, including a …

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