economic indicators

A Tale Of Two Recessions

Although we at Coventry League try to think independently more often than not, we are aware that many prefer to outsource their critical thinking to broad frameworks such as political parties and whatnot.  Accordingly, below is a chart comparing the economic recession during the Reagan era to that of the Obama era (obviously still in …

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Double Dipping Slipping

‘W’ Recession of Early 1980’s In the past few days, several people and organizations have questioned whether the economy is falling back into a recession (double-dip or “W”recovery). The last double-dip recession in the U.S was the early 1980’s. Our opinion is the economy never really recovered from the notable downturn beginning in late 2007, …

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Running On A Hamster Wheel

If you want to gain a better idea of why economics is sometimes referred to as the dismal science, then reference the 50 statistics about the U.S. economy highlighted on the Coalition of the Obvious (COTO) Report’s blog. The blog is anti-corporation oriented and the statistics are one-sided, but each has a link to source …

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