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Considered by some to be the best hedge fund manager, Stanley F. Druckenmiller achieved phenomenal results during his three decades leading his Pittsburgh-based hedge fund, Duquesne Capital Management, which he founded in 1981. He closed the fund in 2010 and has since formed a family office, Duquesne Family Office LLC.

Druckenmiller’s Unrivaled Hedge Fund Manager Performance

  • 30% annual compounded returns over 30 years
  • No down years
  • Only five down quarters

The Druckenmiller-Sokoloff Interview

Below is an 85-minute interview between him and Kiril Sokoloff, chairman & founder of 13D Global Strategy & Research. The interview was initially released 28 September 2018 on Real Vision TV, where you can also download an audio or transcript version.

An Extract: Druck Talks Performance and Interest Rates

Yeah, well, since free money was instituted, I have really struggled. I haven’t had any down years since I started the family office, but thank you for quoting the 30-year record. I don’t even know how I did that when I look back and I look at today. But I probably made about 70% of my money during that time in currencies and bonds, and that’s been pretty much squished and become a very challenging area, both of them, as a profit center.

So while I started in equities, and that was my bread and butter on my first three or four years in the business, I evolved in other areas. And it’s a little bit of back to the future, the last eight or nine years, where I’ve had to refocus on the equity market. And I also have bear-itis, because I made– my highest absolute returns were all in bear markets. I think my average return in bear markets was well over 50%. So I’ve had a bearish bias, and I’ve been way too cautious the last, say, five or six years. And this year is no exception.

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